The excitement is spreading for UNITE 2019: Building Bridges at Oceanside Sanctuary on February 15-18. We are delighted to have the Emmy Award Winning artist and Disciples pastor, J Kwest (Rev. Julian DeShazier), as a special guest preacher! We are doubly blessed to have the Director of Duke Divinity’s Youth Academy, Milton Gildner, representatives from Global Ministries sharing amazing service opportunities, and special guests from Arizona Region’s Yout2019 logoh Leadership Team in attendance.

Each year the impact UNITE makes on the lives of young people throughout our Church continues to expand. We are truly living into the call to be ‘One Church’ as youth from Convencion, Convocation, NAPAD, and all other communities join together to worship God and learn how to passionately serve God’s people.

Here are a few words of encouragement from PSWR pastors about why your church should consider sending young people to UNITE this year:

“It was a refreshing experience to see our region’s young adults and youth participate in such a visible and inspiring way at our last Regional Assembly in Fullerton.  I believe that this is evidence of what regional work with young adults and youth is accomplishing.  I am more than supportive of the effort being made through activities such as UNITE Conference that is being planned for this year at Oceanside Sanctuary.  I encourage all of our pastors in the region to be supportive of this conference so that we continue to inspire our own local church youth and young adult ministries.”

Pastor Xose Escamilla
Senior Pastor at Casa de Oracion San Diego

“Since Abundant Life sent our youth and young adults to UNITE 2018, I have been able to see an increase in their participation both on the local and regional church level. UNITE empowered our youth and young adults to utilize the skills and passions that they possess for the betterment of the church. It was tear jerking to witness the young men of Abundant Life minister in praise dance at Regional Assembly and then again at our 35th church anniversary service. The training that took place at UNITE showed our youth and young adults that their gifts are important and can be used in worship and their service to God. I am looking forward to the impact that UNITE 2019 will have on our youth and young adults.”

Pastor John E. Tunstall IV
Abundant Life Christian Church

“It has been an incredible joy to see the ways that our region’s youth and young adults are developing strong religious leadership skills because of conferences like UNITE.  Having been involved with the UNITE movement in our region from the beginning, I must say that the maturity I am witnessing in our young people is profound.  I highly encourage all of our pastors to send their youth and young adults to this year’s UNITE conference.”

Rev. Sadie Cullumber
Senior Pastor at Harbor Christian Church

For more information about the amazing programming planned for UNITE 2019, please visit

UNITE is not your ordinary youth event! God is moving in big ways in the hearts of young people. Won’t you join us February 15-18 to help BUILD BRIDGES in Christ!


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